Our Team

Michael Hathaway


Michael Hathaway’s career has placed him in the vortex of multiple electronic revolutions. In his early career, he worked with pioneers in electronic music and digital audio. After developing a line of affordable digital audio products at Lexicon (acquired by Harmon Industries), he transitioned to the networking sector. He was a technical contributor during the early days of Ethernet and ATM network switches, culminating in developing the first gigabit capable Internet packet forwarding engine for a DARPA project while working at BBN. He was a founder and executive at the pioneering terabit Internet router startup, Ironbridge Networks, and CTO at network processor startup Agere (acquired by Lucent Micro). Since 2003, after a short stint working with Venture Capitalists, Michael set his sights on developing a signaling and messaging layer to facilitate secure transactions over the public Internet. After 10 years of applying his architecture principals across multiple consulting projects, he founded Information Xchange (IX) and developed the Tensor-Connect platform based on his architectural principles. This lightweight information management platform assigns tokens to users and software applications, providing parameter level access permissions to Internet accessible data. This technology is the core of applications in Industrial IoT and agriculture sectors. With blockchain now reaching a level of maturity to support enterprise applications, he is spearheading the incorporation of blockchain into Tensor- Connect. He believes the incorporation of blockchain into enterprise data security to be the foundation of yet another electronic revolution.

Wayne Lawler


Wayne Lawler is an accomplished executive with more than 30 years of leadership management roles in the technology, software, hardware and semiconductor fields working at IBM, Dell, Flextronics, HP Enterprise, Applied Materials, and Information Xchange.Wayne’s guidance has repeatedly resulted in revenue growth multiples, business transformation success, and successful timely product launches. Key roles include: Sales & Business Development, Global Account Management, Program Management, New Product Development, Supply Chain Management Operations & Procurement, Customer/Supplier Business & Relationships Management, and Software Development Contracts Management. Wayne graduated from Duke University with a Master of Business Administration from the Fuqua School of Business and from Michigan State University with a degree in Supply Chain Management from the Eli Broad College of Business.

Frank Fernandez

Strategy, Investors, Blockchain

Shari Joseph


Ms. Joseph has over 25 years of high-technology business, operations, and financial management experience, which includes over fifteen years Chief Financial Officer (CFO) experience with venture-backed and private companies. Ms. Joseph has actively managed numerous rounds of venture capital financings ($60M+), managed mergers and acquisitions transactions on the buy, sale, and merge side, and has managed the related due diligence. Having led complex financial transactions in numerous companies, Ms. Joseph brings significant leadership experience to the team. In addition to the above, Ms. Joseph provided independent CFO advisory services to numerous technology start-ups through Bridgepoint Consulting. Prior to these, Ms. Joseph held executive financial position(s) at Motorola's Semiconductor Sector with her last position being Director of Strategy and Business Development for the $10B Sector. Ms. Joseph is a University of Texas alumna.

Josh Jones


Josh Jones is a global corporate and marketing strategist who specializes in growth expansion strategies, branding, communication, marketing technology and measurement and go-to-market initiatives. Prior to joining Cognida in 2018, he led B2B initiatives and marketing for Oh My Green. His 14+ year background allows for complex understanding and improvement of revenue growth and service levels across pre-sales, negotiation, and product and service delivery. Notable is his in-depth insight and application of customer experience and outreach programming, where his efforts focus on acquisition and conversion. Josh’s greatest strengths are his creativity, leadership, and entrepreneurship. As the Founder and President of Dine on Demand, a food technology company, he produced organic growth and sold the company in 2016 to Zula Food. He then served within the role of VP, Sales and Marketing for Zula Food, where he led national expansion efforts. He thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach through deployment of digital marketing solutions that create an insight-driven culture. Josh is recognized as a volunteer for multiple industry organizations, including serving as VP for the Restaurant Marketing and Delivery (RMDA) Board.