IronBridge Products

Blockchain-enabled edge computing products and services


Customized Administration

We customize web administration interfaces that utilize open source platforms to provide:

  • Security policy administration
  • Digital asset management
  • Identity management
  • Device management

Secure Connectivity

We establish secure connections between digital assets, edge and cloud computers, and people to enable the creation of:

  • Exchanges
  • Private networks

Edge Computing Solutions

We utilize a library of open source solutions to develop custom edge applications and services.

  • Data translators
  • Protocol drivers
  • Device drivers
  • Blockchain API’s

Custom Applications

Custom distributed applications incorporating blockchain and open source cybersecurity frameworks.

  • Exchanges
  • Distributed asset management
  • Distributed control systems
  • Industrial IoT
  • Logistics


Device Services

  • Device service configuration
  • Device service administration
  • Device monitoring

Digital Identity Management and Security

  • Device authentication and authorization
  • User authentication and authorization

Digital Asset Management

    • Access permissions and policies
    • Data translation and transformation services
    • Metadata tagging

    Blockchain Services

    • Identity management
    • Data integrity
    • Distributed ledger services

    Private Network and Digital Exchange Operations

    • Blockchain secured transaction logs
    • Multi-vendor data sharing, access, and security
    • Distributed digital asset management