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Build a secure foundation

We assign a public and private key to all digital identities including machines and people. Then we configure your predefined roles and permissions giving each machine and person appropriate authorization to access. This establishes network connected assets and services that share unified security policies and identity authentication.

Create networks of assets and services

With this identity management and security framework in place, we can now connect diverse digital assets and services to public and private networks. These include IoT devices, legacy systems, web applications, and enterprise data and messaging services.

Unified Central Administration

Enterprise administrators are now in control of security and access over its network of services, applications and digital assets from a single administration interface.

Custom Applications and Services

Applications and services can now be developed on a predefined security framework. Security is no longer a software development afterthought.

"One of the challenges enterprises have securing their computing environments is the increasing diversity of technologies used for identity, authentication and authorization configuration across users, infrastructures, systems, services and applications.  They are often spread across on-premise,cloud, SaaS and other environments. Integration of open source solutions like FreeIPA with blockchain technology helps integrate critical technologies into a coherent system while at the same time increasing the security of the sensitive information through the use of blockchain technology,”

Jon Saperia, former Enterprise Architect for Harvard University.